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Wekiva Falls, Sorrento, FL May, 2010

Novice Wagonmasters Doug and Karen Parks & Dick and Pat Bradley chose Wekiva Falls Resort in Sorrento, FL for their May rally.  With 43 happy campers in attendance, they enjoyed the nice park, despite a couple rainstorms.  

They golfed in a scramble at beautiful Red Tail Golf Club, swam in the mineral spring, took a boat tour of the wild Wekiva River, and dined out at a terrific German restaurant, Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe, in Sanford.  Some folks visited the local flea and farmer's markets, as well as nearby attractions and the mall. 

The most fun, though, was playing games to compete in a 'Battle of the Sexes'; the men won!  Everyone participated and new friends were made along the way.  

The rally ended on 5/9, Mother's Day and our final meal together, omellettes-in-a-bag, served with a list of "Momism" that we all remembered and have used.

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